Ductless mini-splits have gained widespread popularity for their practical cooling and heating applications for home additions, retrofits and hard to reach areas in the home. To drive performance, you need to choose the best places to install the indoor and outdoor parts of your ductless mini-split. 

Ductless Systems

Three components contain all the parts of a ductless system. Like bulkier central air conditioning systems, the ductless system’s outdoor cabinet houses the compressor, condenser, fan and electrical parts. The indoor air handler consists of a sleek cabinet or cassette that houses the evaporator, condensate drain, fan, air filter and electrical sensors.

The third component of a ductless system is a thin conduit housing refrigerant lines, power and the condensate drain. Depending on the selected unit, the conduit may extend 50 feet or more, which offers greater flexibility when choosing the best places to install the indoor and outdoor parts of your ductless mini-split. Keep in mind that the closer the indoor and outdoor parts, the better energy efficiency you’ll receive.

Indoor Parts

The indoor air handler cabinet of your new ductless system may be mounted to a wall, the ceiling or the floor. For wall-mounted units, the cabinet should be six or seven feet above the floor. You may also choose a recessed cassette installation for a more low-profile look. Whichever installation you decide is best for your home, it’s important to install the cabinet so that airflow reaches all parts of the zone.

Outdoor Parts

The outdoor cabinet needs a firm footing so that it doesn’t move during storms, high winds or if it is bumped. A small concrete pad or paver stones may be used. You may also choose to mount the outdoor cabinet to the exterior wall of your home, which elevates it from the ground to protect against snow buildup. Consider protecting the unit from the elements, such as direct sunlight, snow and debris, with an overhang.

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