Homeowners have shown increasing demand in recent years for standby generators, which provide critical power in the event of an electrical failure. This basic guide to standby generators can help the average homeowner determine whether one of these increasingly popular appliances would be a worthwhile investment.

Typically connected to a home’s natural gas or propane line, standby generators respond to power outages in seconds, and automatically respond by supplying power to household circuits. When the power returns, the standby generator automatically shuts off and returns to standby mode, awaiting the next power failure. A standby generator runs weekly self-tests in order to ensure a reliable response when it’s needed. Additionally, routine maintenance visits from factory-authorized service providers – who can act as a guide to standby generators by answering clients’ questions and concerns – can help lengthen the life of your generator, while ensuring that it won’t fail when you need it most. 

Improvements to standby generators over the past 10 years have reduced the noise, bulk and expense previously associated with residential standby generators. Depending on the kilowatt usage, smaller units can provide supplementary emergency power for small household needs, or whole-house models can power an entire household. Somewhere in between these extremes come models that will power circuits as needed.

Residential standby generators have become more popular in recent years in the hurricane-vulnerable Atlantic and Gulf Coast states, and supply essential backup electrical power to appliances, HVAC systems and security systems. Homeowners in these areas are beginning to view standby generators as household necessities.

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