It gets mighty chilly in Northern Virginia during the winter, and you’re likely no stranger to the risks concerning frozen pipes. Any time a quick drop in temperature occurs, it is vital that your plumbing system’s pipes be prepared to withstand the chill factor. Failing to take preventive action could leave you without water, and with a colossal mess on your hands and a sizable plumbing bill to boot. Unless you literally want to get caught out in the cold, you need to winterize your pipes so they’re prepared for freezing temperatures.

A very important step to take is to insulate exposed pipes within the basement, crawl spaces, and all exterior spigots. Foam insulation tubes, heat tape, and thermostatically controlled heat cables are ideal for this purpose and are available at local hardware suppliers. Seal leaks that may be present around areas where pipes lay. Investigate common culprit spots near dryer vents, cable outlets, and electrical switches. Applying caulk or insulation around drafty spaces helps keep the cold from seeping in and causing frozen pipes.

Additionally, when the forecast predicts extreme temperatures, here are a few additional steps that you can take to prevent frozen pipes:

  • Leave a trickle of warm water flowing from select faucets, especially those in unheated areas.
  • Keep your thermostat at the same temperature during the night as you do during the daytime.
  • Open cabinet doors to sink areas to enable warm air from your home to flow around your pipes.

If the unthinkable occurs, and your Northern Virginia pipes freeze even after taking these precautions, it is vital to contact a plumber right away. Remember, a frozen pipe is not necessarily a ruptured one, and a professional plumber will be able guide you concerning action to take whether pipes are frozen or have ruptured.

Contact Modern Mechanical if you need assistance with frozen or ruptured pipes. We dispatch emergency services 24 hours a day, and will help get your problem solved as quickly as possible. Our highly respected and industry-leading contractors are also qualified to assist with winterizing your pipes, and any other heating and cooling issues that you may have. We proudly serve customers in Northern Virginia and Maryland.