When is the Right Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

With summer approaching and temperatures rising, you may be taking a second look at your air conditioning unit. As a home owner, a huge decision you’ll face is when it’s a good time to replace your air conditioner unit. Although a new air conditioner can be a big investment, costs of continuing to repair and operate an old, inefficient unit can add up – fast. So how do you know when it’s time to replace your air conditioner? Take a look at the 6 signs below that will help you make the right decision!

1. Air conditioner is 10+ years old. In general, you can expect a well-maintained air conditioner to last about 15 years. However, if you’re in need of expensive repairs and your air conditioner is 10+ years old, it will often make more sense to replace it. This is especially true when you consider the growth in efficiency we’ve seen with air conditioners.

2. Air conditioner is inefficient. If your air conditioner has a low SEER rating, it can cost you a lot of money to operate. Newly manufactured air conditioners must have a SEER rating of at least 13. If your air conditioner’s SEER rating is below 13, you can cut back on your energy costs by replacing it with a new, more efficient unit.

3. Expensive repairs. Any time you have an expensive repair, you’ll want to weigh the costs of the repair against the costs of a new system. If the cost of the repair would cover a large part of a new unit, and especially if your air conditioner is showing any of the other signs in this list, it will likely make more financial sense to replace it.

4. Recurrent breakdowns. Does it seem like your air conditioner is constantly breaking? These repair costs can add up quick, and it doesn’t make sense to keep making them on older units. Save yourself the headaches and money by investing in a new unit.

5. Air conditioner uses R 22 Freon. Freon is being phased out by the federal government in order to conserve energy nationwide. As a result, the costs of Freon is increasingly rising. If your air conditioner uses Freon, you’ll have to replace it eventually in order to switch over to the new refrigerant (R410A).

6. Your home isn’t comfortable. Do you have a hard time keeping your home cool? This could be the sign of an aging air conditioner or even an incorrectly sized system. Regardless of the cause, you want your air conditioner to keep you comfortable! If it’s not going to keep your home cool, you’ll want to replace it with a unit that will.
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